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PARENT PARTICIPATION REQUIRED (No extra siblings allowed)

These classes are designed to encourage development of self-confidence, strength, coordination, motor skills and personal awareness with your child. Your child will explore and expand their individual abilities, social and listening skills. The first 15 minutes of the class will be "free play "with your child so he/she can become comfortable with the surroundings. For the next ~ minutes we have "circle time" which includes group stretching, warm-ups and a skill of the week. We highly recommend encouraging your child to participate in this circle time to develop social interaction skills. We then play "follow the leader" which may include a short circuit on gymnastics equipment, jumping air track, trampolines, floor skills, pre-school bars, etc. The class ends with parachute time, songs, bubbles and stamps!

We offer a developmental gymnastics program from walking to age 5. All classes are in a structured setting with developmentally appropriate lesson plans for motor, language and social development.

Dragon Flies (Older 3 year olds 4 Years)
This class consists of basic gymnastics skills and progressions, mastering positions, and learning gymnastics etiquette. Basic conditioning and flexibility will be included in the warm up. At this level, skill cards and monthly goals will be used to track skill progression for the benefit for you, your child and their coach.

Lady Bugs (Ages 4 and 5)
This class will focus on mastering basic skills with consistency and accuracy. Conditioning and gymnastics etiquette will also be included. Skill cards and monthly goals will be used to track skill progression for the benefit of you, your child and their coach.

TumbleBees (Ages 3 5) Special Invitation Only - 1 Hour Class
This class is by special invitation only for students who have completed their skill card, have acceptable focus and have great attendance. This special invitation class focuses on skills required for level 1. Conditioning, flexibility, balance and coordination will all be incorporated in lesson plans.

Make up classes need to be schedules 24 hours in advance. 3 students are required to open a class. The classes on the waiting list are not presently open. If you are interested, please tell the front office to put you on the waiting list.

1 time a week $50
2 times a week $85
3 times a week $115

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Dragonflies 10:00-10:45

5:30 - 6:15


Ladybugs 11:00-11:45
4:30-5:15 4:30-5:15   11:00-11:45

Advanced Preschool Boys               3:30-4:30
  Advanced Preschool Girls                 4:30-5:30